General Questions

Are plastic products really tough enough to take the knocks?

In a word, absolutely!
When some people think of plastic, they think of cheap kid's toys that break when you drop them. Both the type of plastic (polyethylene) and the manufacturing process (rotational moulding) that we use give a completely different type of end result. Polyethylene is now one of the most common manufacturing materials, proven to be tough, durable and also UV stable. It is used in the manufacture of things such as 30,000 litre water tanks, farm equipment and equestrian items, so you know it can take the knocks!

Are the Storage Boxes Lockable?

Yes latches can be secured with a padlock (not included) some Storage Boxes do come with a lockable latch included.

Can the Storage Boxes be used to store Chemicals?

Tyson Storage Boxes are made from Polyethylene which is resistant to most chemicals, If you are unsure please contact us.

Do the Tool / Storage Boxes have handles for carrying?

There are moulded in recesses at each end suitable for carrying the Tyson Storage box easily.

Can the Storage boxes be mounted to a Trailer?

Yes, however we do recommend that our special bracket be purchased to avoid drilling through the draw bar or frame of the trailer.

Can I Purchase Trays for my Tyson Storage box?

Yes Tray can be purchased for the 715, 1000, 1450, and 1835m boxes. Note the 1000 and 1450 black lid versions do not come with a tray as standard but can be purchased as an optional extra.

Additional Questions?

Please Email us at