General Questions

Are plastic products really tough enough to take the knocks?

In a word, absolutely!
When some people think of plastic, they think of cheap kid's toys that break when you drop them. Both the type of plastic (polyethylene) and the manufacturing process (rotational moulding) that we use give a completely different type of end result. Polyethylene is now one of the most common manufacturing materials, proven to be tough, durable and also UV stable. It is used in the manufacture of things such as 30,000 litre water tanks, farm equipment and equestrian items, so you know it can take the knocks!

Can I stand the trailer on its back?

Yes you can. Our trailers are light and strong and because the lights are recessed standing won't be a problem.

Can I leave lawn clipping in the trailer?

Yes, it will not affect the trailer in anyway. You are welcome to leave them in the trailer until the compost becomes a worm farm – try that on a steel tray!

Does the price include Registration and WOF?

No. The customer will need to organise this upon purchase at their nearest testing station.


Can you supply a spare wheel for the trailers?

Yes. We have an optional mounting bracket if needed as well. These can be placed at different places on a trailer. Please call us to discuss.

What size wheel options can I have?

205/65/10 – 155/12 – 175/13 – 185/14 (there may be a difference in cost between different sizes)

Can I have a spare wheel bracket and where can I mount these on the trailer?

Yes - These can be mounted on the drawbar or side of the trailer on some models and under the tray at the rear.

Tray and Mudguards

Can the trailers be made in any colour other than black?

Yes, though there is an additional charge depending on the colour. This is a good option for corporate clients, schools, Councils and so on who want the trailer to be their 'own' colours.

Can the tailgate be squared?

At present the tailgate sits in a ''V'' which can restrict the rear access. If this is an issue we can alter the rear to square off the tailgate. There is an additional cost for this so please call us to discuss

Why is the tailgate removable?

This is for ease of towing longer loads and because of the height of the tray walls. A hinged tailgate would hit the ground causing damage.

Where are the lights positioned?

The lights are recessed into the tray. However in certain cases the lights will be in a lipped channel.

Are the mudguards strong?

Yes. They are flexible and the plastic is very strong. You can stand on the mudguards without any problem.

Can I purchase more mudguards if needed?

Yes. Please call us to discuss, we have several options.

Can I ride my ride-on mower up onto the trailer?

Yes, we do tipping options but you should check the width of your ride-on mower.

Galvanised Frame and Components

What sort of springs do you use on the trailers?

Anti-Rattle, CMC Leaf Springs. This is for a quiet tow. There are 2 Options for strength, 1000kg and 1200kg.

Do the trailers have tie down points and where?

Yes, they are positioned on the steel frame at the corners of the trailers. There is a minimum of 4 and a max of 8. (It is possible to get more if required)

What is the length of the draw bar?

5x4 = 1380, 6x4 =1430, 7x4 = 1540, 8x4 = 1650, 8x4(tip) = 1750, 5x4(tip) = 1360, 7x4(tip) = 1540

What is the body of the trailer made from?

40x40x2.5 RHS. Drawbar is made 65x35x2.5 RHS all hot dip galvanised.

What couplings are available?

There are 2 sizes. 1 7/8'' and 50mm.

Can I have LED Lights?

Yes - there could be an additional charge please call us to discuss.

Add-On Options

Can I attach a TYSON Toolbox to the drawbar?

Yes, no problem. A special bracket should be used to avoid putting holes in the drawbar though.

What is the difference between a stock crate and a cargo crate?

Both are available on all sizes of trailers. There are two key differences.
1) The door mechanism works differently. The cargo crate sits on top of the trailer tray, including the tailgate. The stock crate also sits on top of the tray, but with the option of the tail gate - so the door of the stock crate goes down to the bed of the trailer.
2) both doors are hinged on the left hand side and swing open, but the stock crate door also has a half portion that slides open. Both of these things - the lower door and the sliding portion - allow for much easier stock management and control.

Are the H-Frames and Crates removable from the trailers?

Yes. They are inserted into the corners of the trailer frames and are very easy to remove.

Can the H-Frames be made to different heights?

Yes. We have done this before on custom models. Please call us to discuss options.

Can H-Frames be used in conjunction with any other additional option (e.g. the 5 x 4 lidded version with H-Frames)?

Yes. With the lidded trailer this can be done but the H-Frame needs to be build a little higher. With the canvas covers there is no problem because the H-Frames sit in the corners.

Lidded Trailer

Are lids available on any other trailer apart from the TR54L (5x4 ft)?

Only the 5 x 4 trailer comes with an optional plastic lockable lid. All other sizes have on optional canvas cover. Metal lids are available for other trailer models, please call to discuss this.


Is there A warranty on the trailers?

All our trailers come with a standard 24 month warranty, click here to view our warranty page

Additional Questions?

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