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Storage Boxes

The Tyson Storage or toolbox is the toughest big volume storage boxes available. Proudly New Zealand made The Tyson Storage box is tough enough to withstand the demands of the hardest working tradesman.

Rotationally moulded for optimum strength and durability, Tyson is the ideal storage box to secure your valuable equipment and prevent it from rolling around your vehicle.

Built from UV resistant polyethylene plastic, the Tyson storage box is strong and can easily withstanding heavy knocks and impacts without breakage.
Special Unique Features of the Storage Boxes:

  • Weatherproof seal
  • Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Lockable catches
  • Strong enough to stand on
  • UV stabilised to maximise outdoor life
  • Lids Available in 5 colours
  • Modern Tough look



We hear time and time again of trailer bodies just not being able to take the rough knocks over time, and having to be at least repaired, if not rebuilt.

The simple fact is that wood rots and steel rusts. We believe trailers should be workhorses. Because of this Tyson Trailers have been especially designed as a high quality range.

Tyson Trailers are made with an extra strong hot dip galvanized 40x40 steel frame. The trailers load bay (tray) and mudguards are made from an extremely tough, robust plastic material called polyethylene.
As well as being incredibly durable, other key benefits of the Tyson Trailers are:

  • Double the volume of most trailers
  • Rust and Rot Proof tray that will never corrode
  • Quiet and easy to tow
  • UV Stabilized, virtually indestructible tray
  • Easy to clean and hygienic