The Tyson Storage / Toolbox is the Number one Big volume toolboxes available in New Zealand.
Tyson Storage Boxes have been carefully designed and developed to be durable and useful for many purposes. For Example, Storage on the back of trucks, farm bikes, garden implements, boating gear, equestrian equipment, golf equipment etc.
Built from UV stabilised  Polyethylene Tyson Storage Boxes are strong, easily withstanding heavy knocks and impacts without breakage.

You need a Tyson Storage box because:

  • Built tough to last
    Will last for years and takes the Knocks
  • Rain Proof
    Keeps your things dry
  • Lockable Latches on Most Models
    Secure and Safe
  • Wont Rattle
    No more noise on the Back of your Ute
  • Strongest Available
    You can even stand on them
  • Long Lasting UV Protected Polyethylene
    NO Rust, NO Rot
  • Smart, Tough looking design
    Looks Great
A unique ribbed/corrugated and double skinned design has been used to create a lid capable of  carrying a moderate load without collapsing.
The ribbed side wall contributes greatly towards the toolbox's strength whilst still offering a modern yet practical look.
To maintain strength and reduce the possibility of accidental damage, parts such as handles and securing cavities have been moulded into the toolbox.
Tyson toolboxes are designed and manufactured for New Zealand conditions to withstand most chemicals and acids used in light industry.


The Tyson Range:

455 Toolbox (with Tray)
L:455 - W:155 - H:235
Fence Standard Holder
For standard farm bike boxes
Farm bike Low-line
L:970 - W:510 - H:115
Farm bike (with lift out box)
L:770 - W:355 - H:240
Strop Box
L:305 - W:280 - H:465
L:350 - W:510 - H:490
715 (With Tray)
L:715 - W:550 - H:540
1000 (Optional Tray)
L:1000 - W:550 - H:540
1460 Double Lidded Well side
L:1460(t) 1060(b) - W:550 - H:425
1450 Well side (With Tray)
L:1450(t) 970(b) - W:550 - H:550
1450 (Optional Tray)
L:1450 - W:550 - H:545
1835 (With Tray)
L:1835 - W:555 - H:545

Tyson Toolboxes are available from these selected stores click here for more information or view our FAQ pages:

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