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  • Double the Volume of most Trailers
  • Rust and Rot Proof tray that will never corrode
  • Quieter and easy to tow
  • UV Stabilized, virtually indestructible tray
  • Easy to keep clean and hygienic

Extra Strong Tray and Guards

  • Will take the knocks better than steel as plastic will flex to take the impact but steel will dent, crack the galvanising and rust
  • UV Protected to maximise outdoor life in NZ conditions
  • NO RUST or ROT
  • Easy to keep clean - not much sticks to LDPE
  • Takes the best of a steel trailer (being the strong steel frame) and replaces the problem of a rusting or rotting tray with a plastic one. It is truly the ultimate trailer.
  • If you accidentally hit the mudguard they bounce back which is a major advantage over steel ones. Also if for example you hit a tree with the mudguard it will not crush in cutting into your tyre requiring an expensive repair like a steel one.
  • The mudguards are still strong enough that you can stand on them.
  • The tray and mudguards can easily be plastic welded in the very unlikely event that repairs are needed
  • Extra Thick top edge and ribbed sides and base for extra strength

Corner Posts on the steel frame to slot accessories into

  • H Frames and structures like crates can be slotted into each corner of the frame giving strong locating points and great versatility.

Well Balanced with excellent wheel position

  • Easy to tow

Quality Components

  • Box section to support base of tray not cheaper and weaker angle iron.
  • High strength safety chain

Recessed Lights

  • Reduced risk of damage
  • Stylish design

We make Steel and Plastic In-house - I.e. Made in NZ

  • Total in house quality control Supporting New Zealand manufacturing and local workers
  • Customisation options available
  • Complete flexibility to meet customer needs

Various add on extras

  • Integrates with the hugely successful TYSON toolbox range

Plastic Tray bolted to the steel frame not riveted

  • Bolts do not wear loose like rivets and can be retightened.
  • When rivets wear they cause the tray to rattle and the movement causes extra damage and noise.
  • A plastic tray bolted to the steel frame is much quieter than a steel tray to tow. It is often the little things like this that give the greatest customer satisfaction.

Double walled lid on the 5 x 4 lidded trailer version

  • Very strong (100kg on top) and waterproof

Extra Height Walls

  • Huge volume inside the tray very practical
  • This is not economical with a steel tray which is building the best and most practical trailer that is why TYSON trailers are the best.

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Standard Trailers - Farm Bike Trailers - Ride On Mower Trailers

Fully galvanised chassis for strength Removable tailgate for ease of use Quality anti-rattle long leaf springs Deeper sides for greater capacity End storage to save space A versatile Lid with storage above High quality 10" or 14" tyre options